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It's my theme music, every good hero should have some

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I use music to set (or sometimes pace) my moods - especially if I have to do something BIG that day...something REALLY uncomfortable, but REALLY important to get right. I have a series of playlists that I use that have songs that have a particular theme. Sometimes, I will set my iphone to shuffle on all 6,000 songs and see what the vibe of the universe is going to say about the day ;O)

Some examples of my recent theme music:

1. Met with a potential investor - listened to Radiohead's Hunting Bears and the Roots Here I Come.

2. Had a VIP entourage with an agenda come through - listened to Thievery Corporation's Sound the Alarm

3. Had to brief at a meeting where the attendees are the living, breathing definition of Organizational Dystopia - listened to the Rolling Stones Can't You Hear Me Knocking followed by the Butthole Surfer's Space

Today, I woke up after a long night filled hard challenges and I had the Cranberries The Journey (Live 2010, Zenith Paris) in my head, so it picked me.

Theme music: It gets my head right and ready. What's yours?

I love that the founder of Spanx Sara Blakely listens to Eminem.

Personally, I've been into LMFAO lately. Don't judge me. :)

sarah blakely rocks! i was a DJ for 3 years when i was in college the first time around (VA Tech). i had a show called the cheesehouse. it ran from 12-4AM. my friend and i lucked into that coveted slot when another friend of ours couldn't manage his sked any more. 12-4AM was "mixed disc" format which is a pretty way of saying we didn't have to follow the station manager's playlist which was dictated by what Billboard paid him to play during prime listening hours. we had two studios with 4 turntables, 4 CD players and an 8 trac. we had a pretty impressive collection on vinyl. the highlight of our show was when we would grab a bunch of random stuff and mix it all in and see which caller would guess the theme. the truth was, we were all stoned and there was never any pre-determined theme. but eventually, someone would call in and just NAIL IT!!

so, i am no one to judge another human being by what they listen to. plus, i play Just Dance with my kids on Wii and one of their favorite tunes to compete with is an LMFAO number... :O)

and while we are on the topic of heroes and theme music and judging... i L-O-V-E Reggie Watts! :)

Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built my current theme

Unconventional and very cool, Nick.

Christine, I just watched Reggie Watts. Oh em gee.

 ikr!!???  genius.

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