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How Newegg crushed the “shopping cart” patent and saved online retail | Ars Technica

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Great story. Thanks for saving it, Waylan.

Yea this was one of the most compelling/interesting stories on an IP situation that I've seen in a while.  Esp good is that some precedents are mentioned - allows one to dig deeper into the under-discussed, highly lucrative world of corporate litigation.  It's amazing and suspect that dealings like this remain out of the public attention (for the most part; and obviously, since these are often private business matters, and a bit more boring to average audience), while M&A and Series Round announcements are the norm de rigueur (PR doesn't want to blast until it's all done and everyone is assured their piece!)

In a lot of IP situations, one or more of the parties are legally prevented from talking about it.

And yeah, the press does enjoy reporting stories where lots of money gets thrown around.

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