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What Netflix's 'House of Cards' Means For The Future Of TV - Forbes

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The future looks exciting.

Because there are all these players developing original content?

If there’s any doubt about the venture’s success, competitors are already rushing to emulate it.  Amazon has already announced it is investing in original programming to compete with Netflix.  For its part Microsoft, which has already been inking programming deals for its Xbox Live platform, just announced that it bought exclusive rights to an Indie movie and Netflix itself recently acquired exclusive rights to the hit series Arrested Development.

Or something else?

The current model for TV is outmoded. Being able to watch what you want when younwant, at your own pace, that's how it should be.

Agreed, but that's why we have DVRs like Tivo.

If Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, etc., keep making their own content, will I have to subscribe to every service individually to get all the content I want?

And then there's HBO, who won't let me subscribe to a service -- they're forcing me to stick with cable or satellite if I want HBO GO. Darn it.

Not everyone wants a DVR. I know I don't. I love the idea of an entire season available at once instead of having to wait. I figure someday the cable companies will have transformed into streaming services. 

Or maybe they won't transform and they'll just be replaced by streaming services.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Google/YouTube, and Microsoft all seem committed to a streaming future.

Could be. :) Hope so. 

Well, and that's just video.

There are also lots of streaming audio -- from Pandora to Spotify -- that amplify this trend.

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