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As Newspapers Cut, Analysts Ask if Readers Will Remain -

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Newspapers cutting back

I do consume most of my news online and on mobile devices, now that you mention it.

My original comment was really a misunderstanding of how to use this site (who thinks up these things anyway???). I just thought it might be a good way to keep track of the articles the prof wants us to read for the week; we'll see how it goes. The class is Strategic Management Accounting, which is essentially cost accounting. Good times.

Also, note to self, it might be time to reread the chapter and connect it to this week's articles. What with class being tomorrow and all. (I remember something about joint costing...hmm, also time to work those problems too...)

That's a good idea, to reread the chapter.

I guess the cost accounting angle is that as newspapers cut costs they also lose revenues?

More specific than that, really. A newspaper/news website is a joint production process, and how do you allocate the costs? Obviously, the presses that print the papers go to the newspaper, but reporters may work for both parts of the organization. How does allocating the costs affect profits, and how can you maximize those profits? (The answer, of course, is "it depends".)

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