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‘Boneless’ Wings, the Cheaper Bite -

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In addition to considering the cost accounting ramifications, I have an image in my head of chickens with boneless wings.

I can't imagine what a chicken with boneless wings would look like.

Not a chicken.

Right? Just sad lumps, drooping on their sides. Not useful at all.

I'm beginning to think there's something wrong with the whole Wings industry.

Wings are not the best part of the chicken. Not even close.

Well, as in all matters of taste, some might argue with you. "Best" is certainly subjective. Some would say that wings, being made up mostly of skin and fat, taste better than a lot of other chicken parts, because fat is yummy. And others disagree. And when in the world did wings become more expensive than breasts? (Blah blah blah, supply & demand, recession means people look for small luxuries, and there's generally more breast on a chicken than wing so as the demand for wings goes up and supply can't keep up, prices rise, and so on.)How long will this last? Will farmers begin breeding chickens to have larger wings? OR MORE WINGS?? Heh.

Perhaps genetic engineering will allow them to grow wings without chickens.

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