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Car camping comforts

car camping

My normal car camping kit is not that different from my backpacking kit -- same tent, sleeping pad, bag, and stove -- but there are a few luxuries that make car camping MUCH more comfortable and social.

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I'm not saying everyone should do this, because it's sort of nutballs... but I have been carrying a collapsible spit to cook meat on and it is the best.  Basically takes up no space in a car either!

Lamb on spit above firepit | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

When you have a campfire to sit around, you want a chair.  I rock the Big Agnes sleeping pad these days, so the chair kit looks like this:

Big Agnes : Chair Kits : Cyclone SL Chair Kit

I'm just going to put it out there: solar battery charger for your cellphone. Don't judge me.

BootstrapSolar â BootstrapSolar Chi-qoo DIY Solar USB/Phone/iPad Charger Kit - Solar Powered USB Battery Kit

Actually, this is a great idea.

Big-ass cooler that keeps ice frozen for 5 days. Not just great for transporting food -- which saves money -- but also makes a great bench or food prep surface.

MaxCold® 50 Quart

I should mention some things I do NOT carry while car camping,  just so you know there are some.

* Battery lanterns

* Hibachis

* Chairs with cup holders

* Two-burner stoves

* Portable showers

Why no portable shower?

For me, a lot of the POINT of camping is not having to take a shower.  Plus a portable shower works well for one or two people, but it's REALLY AWKWARD for more than that.  Plus you need to hang up the shower for between 3 - 5 hours every day... Less and it won't be hot, more and it's TOO hot.  I don't think I have that kind of time management when I'm camping.  Oh and car camping sites are quite close to each other... do you want to be naked in front of your camping neighbors while showering?

Camping is more about going with the flow than rigidly scheduling your time.

How can you be American and be down on cup holders?  It's the American way.  Every house should have 1.5 bathrooms per bedroom, and every car should have 1.5 cupholders per seat.Cupholders in bathrooms are optional, but the decade is still young so feel free to get ahead of the trend.

Well, you COULD teach a dog to balance a cup so the dog serves as a cupholder.

dog balancing cup

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