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20 Lies Back to the Future II Told Us

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Rob Bricken calls it:

I think it's safe to say we're not getting our hoverboards. Despite the 2015 Back to the Future Part II showed us, it's 2013 and we can't even make a non-hovering replica of the hoverboard correctly. But while the lack of hoverboards will always be its greatest disappointment, it's hardly the only thing BttF promised us that reality has failed to deliver. Here are 20 other things Back to the Future II lied

1) Flying Cars

Obviously, it isn't just Doc's DeLorean that can fly. When Doc and Marty arrive at the future, they pop in going the wrong way on a highway — a highway at about 50 feet above the ground, complete with hovering signs and street lamps (although what the hell they're supposed to be illuminating is unknown, because there's obviously no street). Since there are plenty of cars on the ground of 2015 Hill Valley, I'm not sure if every car in the future could fly, but since absolutely 0% of the cars in 2013 can fly, it's kind of a moot point.


I also want power shoelaces, self-adjusting self-drying jackets, and food hydrators!

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