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Kill Me meme origin

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I saw the Grumpy Cat "kill me" picture and wondered what the origin of the Kill Me meme is.

Know Your Meme writes:

Kill Me is an image macro series in which people, animals or objects are depicted as if they’re suffering from pain, such as physical deformity, or otherwise uncomfortable conditions. The images are often accompanied by the caption “Kill me”, reflecting the subject’s desire to be put out of misery.

The image macros may have been inspired by a scene in the 1986 science fiction film Aliens, in which a human is discovered suffering in a cocoon who begs to be killed (shown below). In the 1997 science fiction film Alien Resurrection, the fourth movie in the Alien franchise, the protagonist Ripley encounters a deformed clone of herself, who pleads to be put out of its misery.

That's right, it was Aliens.

Bender with boobs Kill Me meme

prepare your inbox gif

Amanda Bynes kill me gif

Chandler kill me now gif

Adam Sandler kill me please gif

cat kill me now gif

Meanwhile, Grumpy Cat dreams on:

Grumpy Cat KILL ME meme I would ask you to kill me now, but I fear not even death will destroy this memory.

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