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What if all United States Representatives have to wear sponsors on themselves like Nascar drivers ... ?

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What we'll find, unfortunately, is they all will be wearing identical suits.

Good idea. I think it should be a law to make them do this. If they don't, prosecute them the same way as insider traders. 

Ah, sarcasm.

I think they should be made to wear their golden parachute packs as well.  Encumber them.

I wonder if the House of Representatives can do anything to improve its reputation these days.

After watching the documentary "Inside Job," this rhetorical question (because let's face it..) is extra poignant.

What is Inside Job about?

what happened in the markets and boardrooms, in the literature.  

what wasn't and won't be said.


Wow, looks like a great documentary. Will look for it.

After just watching the documentary, "Inside Job," this rhetorical question (let's face it...) is extra poignant.  In the film, it is realized that Harvard and Columbia don't have a rule for (won't comment on) professional/commercial disclosures when faculty publish their papers/"studies".. even as it is a steadfast practice in Science (and to an extent Business journalism).

Disclosures are useful when ascertaining why a person believes what s/he does.

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