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Just How Bad Off Are Law School Graduates? |

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growing problem of law school graduates — who are in the fifth year of a near-depression-level job market — not being able to find work.

I was thinking this problem is almost a decade old but maybe that's just in Silicon Valley.

well in law industry i think its kinda different with silicon valley, here the worker turnover are much lower than in IT industry. 

meanwhile there are more freshgrad coming, the old people are still around to hold all the strategic job untill maybe 65 or even 70? but in IT the technology progress are surely push up all the young people to be on the top so its not weird to see young people is holding CEO in IT company but it will get kinda weird to see young people holding a Partner position in Law Firm

In Silicon Valley the law firms are waiting a lot longer to make people partners now.

Which bolsters your point that young partners are rare.

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