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Building a Palo Alto center that converts waste to energy pits environmentalists against each other

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Very detailed look at the grass roots level conflict between two schools of environmentalism: an older generation that saw pollution and land use as the biggest issues, and a younger group for whom global warming is the ONLY issue.

If the issue of Global Warming isn't addressed, none of the other issues matter.

Reminds me of William F. Buckley: "When Communists fight with Fascists you don't choose sides, you pray for an asteroid."

Hahaha!  Oh hey dude, have you ever explained whether you have any scientifically valid position on the environment, or whether your deal basically comes down to "Jimmy Carter was such a bummer with his cardigan sweaters and preachiness"?

so was that nutshot aimed at me or at Bill Buckley, who's been dead for a while now?

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