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48 Laws Of Power, by Robert Greene

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Aimee Groth writes:

A few months ago we wrote about what it takes to become powerful.

We recently came across another excellent book on the topic, "The 48 Laws Of Power," by bestselling author Robert Greene.

His laws are based on centuries of historical evidence. Greene also offers the psychology behind why the strategies are so effective.

These laws are dangerous, however; most go against basic laws of morality.

Greene gave us permission to re-publish these 48 laws from his book.

My favorite laws:

1. Always say less than is necessary.

2. Win through actions, never through argument.

3. Avoid the unhappy and the unlucky.

4. Appeal to self-interest, never mercy or gratitude.

5. Enter action with boldness.

6. Despise the free lunch.

7. Keep your hands clean.

8. Act like a king to be treated like one.

9. Stir up waters to catch fish.

10. Be formless. Think as you like but behave like others. Adapt.

4. Appeal to self-interest, never mercy or gratitude.  That's a classic Wille zur Macht move.  Thank you, Friedrich Nietzsche.  Hate it.

I was thinking Machiavelli, but good point.

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