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The Best Time of Year to Buy Everything

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Megan Durisin writes:

Sometimes, finding the best deals has more to do when when you shop than where.

"There really is a best time to do just about anything and everything, and that's especially true when it comes to buying things," writes Mark Di Vincenzo in his book, "Buy Ketchup in May and Fly at Noon"

Using tips from Di Vincenzo, along with time-tested advice from sources like DealNews and Mint, we've complied dozens of examples of the best times to buy just about everything. 

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Here's a summary. See the article for more details.

January -- bicycles, paint, suits, carpet, linens, bedding, a trip to NYC, furniture, pools, hot tub

February -- Broadway tickets, cameras, prom dresses, motorcycles, winter coats, videogames

March -- perfume, chocolate, jewelry, furnace, frozen foods, luggage

April -- laptops, vacuum cleaners, tropical vacation, roof, flea market items, skis

May -- mattresses, refrigerators, Alaska trip, office furniture

June -- dishes, home decor, cellphones, BBQ equipment, tools, deodorant, textbooks, gym membership

July -- kayaks, bottled water, furniture, ranges, stoves, grills, fresh fruit

August -- stocks, swing sets, flip flops, backpacks, iPods, plants, flowers

September -- car lease, snowblowers, Virginia Beach trip, swimsuits, wine, sunglasses, patio furniture

October -- Hawaii or Beijing trip, bushes, trees, bulbs, jeans, camping gear

November -- sneakers, toys, cookware, wedding dresses, horses, electronics

December -- televisions, apartment leases, boats, NFL tickets, champagne, golf clubs, air conditioners, tickets to Europe


what a great list!

new deodorant in june should be a requirement anyhow!

and with my birthday in april, i have an excuse for a tropical vacation every year now!

That's right! You probably knew that it's not the busy season anywhere in April.

And happy birthday, Emily!

thank you, adam!

looks like i should also be thinking about a new laptop next birthday...

or a roof!

(or some flea market items!!)

Or a laptop AND a roof AND flea market items. Dream big!

The danger is that you may end up buying things you don't need.  Anticipation of use and need to use are different.  

In my experience, one false positive will undo most of your savings.  

My advice: The right time to buy something is just a little bit before you need it.

Matt, you just reminded me of this essay about what it means to be poor:

Being poor means you have to live with more because you can't afford to wait till you need it to buy it.

Totally different take on the issue, but makes a lot of sense!

I do agree that if you can afford to do so, "buy things right before you need them" is a good strategy.

it's december, so i'm buying that tv now.  i had to consult this list first. ;)

Wow! I am impressed, Emily!

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