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Apple’s Forward Stance | TechCrunch

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<I won’t give my opinion on the Galaxy S4 yet – I’m still slightly high from the time they apparently hot boxed Radio City Music Hall – but I will say this: they figured out that people didn’t care about specs. Instead, they care about use cases.>

<Apple doesn’t need a miracle, but clearly the marketing department thinks the company needs to step things up. To wit: Apple’s latest iPhone web page which touts “There’s iPhone. And then there’s everything else.” It’s a brassy, ballsy statement worthy of Steve Jobs himself and it seems to show an Apple undaunted yet clearly aware that it can’t just say nothing about the competition.>

I'm still waiting for the iPhone 5s or iPhone Plus or iPhone 6 before I pass judgment...

Don't know about iPhone 6 but iPhone 7 will be insanely great.

Too funny!

Funny because it's true. :)

The stretch limo iPhone! Reminds me of David Pogue's satire of Microsoft Word 6 in Macworld, with icons taking up 90% of the room on the screen. A joke that turned out to be prophetic.

When I saw the new Apple ad for the iPhone, my first thought was of how un-Jobs it is, that they'd lost their mojo. The ad makes a gutsy statement, but with each punch it gets weaker. Microsoft package-like, it puts more in the space allowed than advisable, ultimately fatiguing more than convincing. All that lengthy, breathlessly boasting copy reads like Phil Schiller talks. In lieu of headings like "Every detail has been considered," Jobs would have released "No detail overlooked." All of it would have been shorter, more direct, more beautiful, and more impactful.

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