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After Walking Over Niagara Falls, Crazy Wallenda Looks to Cross the Grand Canyon

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One detail, however, should cause some concern: Wallenda plans to walk across the canyon without a safety harness. Wallenda is a skilled and experienced high-wire walker, so we aren't too worried about his ability to actually pull off the stunt. That said, the question of whether Wallenda should wear a harness, or install a safety net to catch his fall, has come up before — in fact, his main sponsor, ABC, insisted he wear a harness during his Niagara Falls stunt in order to ensure that the broadcast network wouldn't wind up airing his grisly death. So why not use the same precaution at the Grand Canyon? A USA Today report suggests Wallenda's risky decisions could be genetic: "Wallenda's family — the Flying Wallendas acrobatic troupe — is famous for working without a net or its equivalent."

Wouldn't it be ironic if a California Condor .....

Yes, quite ironic. :)

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