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After Ever After - DISNEY Parody

Source: YouTube Video

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I <3 Mondays.

Liz, me too!

I'm glad, Adam!

I'll give him credit--he's creative, BUT...

The first rule of creativity is: "DON'T RUIN A GOOD STORY."

The second rule of creativity is: "DON'T TEAR SOMEONE CREATIVE DOWN TO ENHANCE YOUR OWN CREATIVE PROJECT."I'll give him  a -2 then.

Yeah, you're right, he shouldn't be tearing someone else down...

Well, whether they're good stories is debatable. Ask a feminist and you'll get plenty of reasons for why the "happily ever after" is sweet as cyanide.

Can't you break the rules of creativity to be creative? I thought that's what free verse in poetry was about, avoiding all the rules about what poetry was supposed to be to get to a freer form of artistic expression.

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