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A Troubling Quora Thread: Istanbul Coolest Hotel

I am a huge user of and fan of Quora. However, I was surprised to see this particular thread, which contains a question posed by a very well-known investor and Quora board member has generated less than 1,000 views and only 3 total followers -- including me and the person who posed the question. It's also a very easy question that I believe would have been answered in the early days of Quora. So, what is happening here?

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I think a lot of the problem is the question itself: "What's the coolest hotel in Istanbul?"

This question constrains itself in three ways:

1. Many of us have never been to Istanbul.

2. Even if we HAVE been to Istanbul, we probably were optimizing on BEST or CHEAPEST not coolest.

3. Even if we went to the coolest hotel in Istanbul, why would we share with the Internet? It's probably so cool that we want to keep it to ourselves.

In addition to that, there's the social anxiety associated with putting oneself out there to be judged by the Quora population. I don't want them to think poorly of me just because I think something's cool and they don't.

If I did have an answer, I'd probably just tell the asker directly rather than put it out there.

I'm not sure I'd entirely agree. This is just crowd-sourcing opinions, and I have asked/followed many questions about hotels or travel tips from very different places in the past, and I always get answers, and I'm not as important as MC.

Have you ever answered "What's the coolest ____?" on Quora. That's an opinion that really exposes you.

Quora isn't just crowd-sourcing. It's putting one's personal reputation on the line.

Nah, disagree. I answer a lot of those questions just to contribute to the system, just as I do on Twitter.

On Twitter your answers disappear with time, so there's very little pressure to write something timeless.

With Quora there's a LOT of pressure to write something high-quality that stands the test of time.

Kirtan Patel added an answer on the Quora page.

It's a link to this Guardian article:

That Quora page got another answer to it, too. Perhaps Quora just requires patience?

By the way, a friend tells me that this is the best site for Istanbul restaurants and they have an app:

But that wasn't really his question, was it?

My friend's Istanbul hotel recommendation if money were no object: