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Since When Is the NRA Writing the Definitive History of Adam Lanza?

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Just for the record, "disturbed" and "mentally ill" did not appear in the digital version of Lupica's 1,075-word article or in any of his source's quotes, although "insane" popped up once once, "deranged" once, and "game" or "gamer" was in there 12 times. Also for the record: The story doesn't mention any efforts to confirm anything with Connecticut State Police, or the specific connections between violence and video games. While we're on that topic: There is no specific connection between violence and video games. The scientific record is threadbare. Adam Lanza did not shoot up that school just because he played video games. And when you plot gun-related deaths and video-game consumption on a graph, it looks like this — a downward slope, and a whole lot of gun violence in America:

You'd think the NRA would be pro videogames since they are good for recruiting.

But videogames are the scapegoat they need now.

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