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Wealth Inequality in America - YouTube

Source: YouTube Video

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Ouch. My pocketbook hurts.

Anything specific that makes it hurt?

The looming reality that I'm about to embark on an expensive endeavor to try to better my lot in life just to land right where I started when I set off on it. I dunno, I can live with being in debt for a couple of years as a result of having gone through the rigors of higher education if one day I can live somewhere where I won't have to worry about getting mugged or having my car broken into or getting shot at. I know, the fact is those things happen everywhere, but they happen more in the ghetto and I try to tell myself that going the education route was the "right" choice because eventually prison or death tends to find the folks that are in illicit industries. I just don't like the voice in the back of my mind saying that I could have gone down another path and it would have had higher cash returns, I'd just be in a prison cell (if I was still alive).

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