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OAG meme origin - The Laina Morris Story

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Alyson Shontell writes:

Last June, 21-year-old Laina Morris uploaded her first-ever YouTube video for a Justin Bieber contest.

The goal of the contest was to take Bieber's popular song, "Boyfriend" and change the lyrics to "Girlfriend." To stand out, Morris wrote her version from the perspective of a stalker.

While Morris only placed second in the competition, she won the Internet. Within 24 hours, her creepy "Girlfriend" song had been watched 1 million times. Soon, her face was being spread across Reddit with white, bold font laid over top of it as a meme dubbed "The Overly-Attached Girlfriend."

Since then, she's been able to turn her meme into a business. She's worked with advertisers such as Kia Soul and she's been on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

What's it like to be an internet sensation, especially for something that's a little bit mortifying?

"It's definitely weird…but it's fun. I like it a lot," Morris tells Business Insider. "It's weird when I go on Pinterest or Reddit for myself just browsing and there I am."

Laina's original JB fan video now has 15 million views:

She now has 38 videos with a total of 68 million views on YouTube, making her a bona fide star:

Her most popular video is a CRJ fan video -- 18 million views:

"I wouldn't call it Overly Attached" has 5 million views:

Her Q&A video has over 6 million views:

And of course there's more at Know Your Meme:

[Image - 329212] | Overly Attached Girlfriend | Know Your Meme

I've created an OAG stash as well:

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