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Grumpy Cat: The Forbes Interview

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She has a deal with Friskies cat food?

Look at that piercing scowl…

Grumpy Cat stars in “Will Kitty Play With It?,” a meme-filled celebrity edition of an ongoing “cat game show” (a series of commercials) by cat food company Friskies.

Internet celebrity Grumpy Cat, the face that launched a thousand memes, makes a surprise appearance on this episode of Will Kitty Play With It? Today’s contestant “Fidget” has no idea what she’s in for. Will Fidget try to play with Grumpy Cat? Or will Grumpy Cat’s cool stare and scathing comments send her running for the hills?

via Ben Lashes


Tard the Grumpy Cat sells out to Friskies - I want to thank no one

Have a gif!

Tard showing signs of interest - Imgur

Grumpy Cat time person of the year

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