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Defining Family

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I'm bummed that we don't get to hear the decision until noon.

Inside SCOTUS, @evanperez reports Sotomayor asked what "injury" was caused by #gaymarriage. Prop8's Cooper responds "injury to the state."

3:08 PM - 26 Mar 13 

Did Cooper have any clarification to how a state can be injured?

MR. COOPER: No, Your Honor, we certainly  are not. We -- we are saying the interest in marriage and the -- and the State 's interest and society's interest in what we have framed as responsible pro -­procreation is -- is vital, but at bottom, with respect to those interests, our submission is that same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples are simply not similarly situated.

I'm not sure if that's what Cooper was getting at.  Here's the transcript:

After reading that transcript, I'm not sure what Cooper was getting at, either.

Use of the word UNFOLLOW on Twitter has shot way up since the Supreme Court started talking:

Massive Twitter âunfollowing' as Supreme Court hears gay marriage case | The Technology Chronicles | an blog

Here's why:

That is one sadly telling graph.

Many people are tweeting "UNFOLLOW ME if ..." or "I will UNFOLLOW YOU if ..."

It's conditional unfollowing.

"Peter Kafka ‏@pkafka Wait till Justice Scalia sees all my friends' Facebook pages!"

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