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Okay, I'm more than just a little slighted.

"I'm a marketing tech lover and I love social media things in my technology entrepreneur life."


Given the level of crap they approved, I'm really surprised that capturing son's baseball game while scorekeeping wasn't approved.

I'm surprised, too. That seems like a great example.

Seems like lots of people are focused on the glass/computer interface.  The Media is definitely in love with this concept.  It will be interesting to see how the wearable products will go from here.  The pebble seems really cool.  How does everyone else feel about this trend?

Good steps in the right direction, but (1) not even used much by early adopters yet, and (2) expensive.

Wearable products are the future, but in 2013 there are a lot of bugs to work out.

For more things I've saved about wearables, see my Augmented Reality stash:

Interesting problem.  Seems like they can take on a single vertical where there is a willingness to buy AND use a high priced product:  first responders, military...

For now. Eventually there will be competition to mainstream it.

In general our industry is good at putting downward price pressure on items like this.

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