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An idea for non-technical co-founders: try a service-first business

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His mantra: Build next to nothing.

As a non-technical founder, you are likely good at building and maintaining relationships. You are probably good at selling things. You might be great at framing, so people buy into your vision or get excited about your ideas. These are amazing, difficult-to-acquire skills. They are skills you don’t get to use right away when building, say, a photo sharing app. But you can use them right now when building, say, a new kind of marketplace.

If you are able to show that your service or community is working in a tiny way without having built much, you will have orders of magnitude more ammo when trying to find a technical co-founder. Likely with investors as well.

#ThisIsMe which is why I know what services people want and I just need to be the connector between those people and the ones who can develop the application that will fulfill the service.

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