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Boys have Swag. Men have Style. Gentlemen have Class.

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Theodore Roosevelt, you magnificent gentleman.

Gentlemen have class

Gentlemen have class

Gentlemen have class

Except for #10, it would seem that Ron Swanson is a gentleman.

Ron Swanson is definitely a gentleman.

And his suit looks pretty tailored to me:

ron swanson gentleman

What IS that fabric - corduroy?  :-)

I don't think so. Not sure. Here's an enlarged photo:

ron swanson  coat

Best case, cashmere blend of some sort.

Worst case, brushed denim.   I need feel-o-vision.


Ha! That seems too brown for denim. I was actually thinking suede...

Note that Ron Swanson does have a Sartorial Alter Ego, Duke Silver:

Have A Sartorial Alter Ego â 15 Style Tips You Can Learn From Ron Swanson | Complex

More on that:

Could be, and suede would be so Ron.  Suede from a hide he tanned himself, from an animal he killed himself.

That sounds right -- killing animals relaxes him.

ron swanson yoga fishing kill something hide

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