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Louisville Players, Coaches Quotes About Kevin Ware Injury

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Duke's Tyler Thorton, who was next to Ware:

"My heart just dropped when I saw it. I was freaked out. He lifted his leg in the air and I saw where his leg was broken. It was bent in a weird way that it shouldn’t have been."

Richard Pitino, coach's son:

“His bone was sticking out of his shin. I’m only 30, but I’ve never seen something like that.”

Assistant coach Wyking Jones:

"It was just very sad to see, the worst I’ve ever seen. It was heartbreaking. We’re going to finish this season off with Kevin as an inspiration."

I cannot remember anything like this ever happening in March Madness before.


Joe Theisman, Washington Redskins:

"Watching Duke/ Louisville my heart goes out to Kevin Ware."

Michael Bush, Chicago Bears:

"Oohhhh shit I just cried. I feel so bad. #flashback of myself. Anyone if he needs anything please let me know." #teamware

Why we're not posting the photo:

Almost upchucked my McDon's.... - Imgur

It was a one-point game when Ware broke his leg, and was still close at the half. In the end, Louisville won by twenty-two and is going to the Final Four, with Wichita State standing between it and the championship game. (The other two teams left are Syracuse and Michigan.) These particulars may seem beside the point in the face of such a hideous injury—but they aren’t for Ware, who gave his teammates a quick but rousing bit of encouragement before he was wheeled of the court: “The bone’s six inches out of his leg and all he’s yelling is, ‘Win the game, win the game,’” Pitino told reporters afterward. And so all the “Win One for the Gipper” sports myths are diminished in the face of the real words of Kevin Ware. Pitino also confirmed that Ware, who came off the bench this season for the Cardinals and averaged a little under five points a game, had broken his leg in two places and would need roughly a year to recover.

You might have seen Ware’s injury happen live. Or have watched it online in one of the replays that was captured before CBS made the decision to stop showing them. Or maybe you just heard about it: it was what your friends were referring to on Facebook when they wrote, “That was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life.” It’s what the thousands of “O.M.G.”s on Twitter meant. Social media is often approached as a canvas for sharing one’s attempts at cleverness or originality with the world. Yet, for a moment, the Web turned very, very earnest—mercifully so. Former quarterback Joe Theismann—who, until Sunday, was widely considered to have suffered the most shocking public sports injury in history when his career ended with a grisly compound fracture in 1985—stepped in on Twitter: “Watching Duke/Louisville my heart goes out to Kevin Ware.” It was as if he were passing some kind of awful torch.

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Louisville is already HEAVILY favored to win -- a top seed against two 4 seeds and a 9 seed?!

But now the "Win for Ware" story also gives them something that makes everyone root for them.

The Louisville bench reacts to Kevin Ware's leg:

Louisville bench reaction to kevin ware injury - Imgur

Reddit discussion:

<Guy on the far left goes into straight "hold me" mode>

It's easy to forget how young these players are.

Yeah, they're not old enough to drink. Some are teenagers!

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