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Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets, or Golden State Warriors: Who's got the best brand of 2013? - Grantland

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Carles breaks it down for us:

Every year, one NBA club assumes the position of 'trendiest' team in the league. Since only one team can win the championship, we have learned to construct an imaginary award for a young and/or newly assembled team that has made the proper strides to evolve into a 'real contender' in the coming years. This involves an evaluation of on-the-court performance and intangible team traits that embody the current high-end values of the NBA fan. Whether it works out for this team is another story. This process allows us to emotionally invest in 'what's next,' while attempting to project what we think is a disruptive, provocative NBA model.

In previous years, the trendiest NBA teams have included the Oklahoma City Thunder, during Kevin Durant's ascension and before expectations set in; the Washington Wizards, when Gilbert Arenas was overachieving as a basketball player and as a blogger; and even the Minnesota Timberwolves, for those few games when Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio shared the court last season. What makes 'trendy' teams? They're fun to watch during the season, possess reasonable playoff expectations, and are defined by trendy elements that have transformed them into media-friendly subjects. They're a respite from the same old contenders.

This year, the candidates are the Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets, and Golden State Warriors. Here is a breakdown of the core values of these 'it' teams.

All three teams have their merits. Great to see the Warriors coming back.

The full article:

Shooting at the walls of heartache, Bang Bang ...

Favorite line in the article: "Denver Nuggets squadron-based team model's success is inspired by the departure of Carmelo Anthony." Yes!!

The Nuggets would be MY pick.   They'll just need to stay off the weed.  :-)

Fantasy league Denver Nuggets all-star weed team:

They don't call it "Mile High" for nothing.

denver nuggets marijuana

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