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The Real Reason Windows Phone Is Failing – ReadWrite

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In 2012, UK telecom carrier O2 commissioned a study of smartphone users. It showed that a typical user spends more than two hours a day (128 minutes) with their smartphone. The majority of this time, however, is spent on activities where Microsoft's Windows Phone offers no significant advantages over iPhone or the best Android devices.

For example, smartphone users spend most of their time browsing the Internet, checking their Facebook status, tweeting, listening to music and sundry other acts. For which of these - or any of these - does Windows Phone offer a superior experience?


The innovative "People Hub" in Windows Phone, for example, may prove the better choice for those who wish to merge all their social networks and contacts under one area. Who cares? In the U.S., the typical smartphone user checks their Facebook page 14 times a day. A dedicated Facebook app, and not a Microsoft social hub, seems likely to be the optimum solution.

And while Microsoft may claim that Windows Phone offers superior email capabilities (a highly debatable position), the relevant fact is that email isn't even a Top 5 feature for the typical smartphone user.

Well, and Facebook just put a lot of work into Facebook Home today to solidify that.

Yeah, looking at how people use their smartphones... Microsoft no competitive advantage on features or price.

I'm amazed the average smartphone user does 11 minutes of emailing a day.

What would have been your guesstimate?  

5. I try not to email on my smartphone because there's so many chances for fail.

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