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She really loves cats

Did she ever get a date?

Stashed in: Lolcats!, #love, I just want all of the cats

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I don't think she got a date, but she got Internet famous.

She really loves cats

I'm touched by how much she loves cats.

She really loves cats

Ok now I'm getting a little freaked out because I came here this evening to create almost this exact stash. Mainly because as it turns out the girl in the video was from what I've read, an aspiring actress looking for attention but in reality I soooooo get her, except I don't just want all of the cats. I would like all of the baby animals as well as the real Bumble Bee Transformer, & I'm not afraid to admit it's a little upsetting sometimes to know it's just not possible or in many cases fair. So... collective consciousness?? Teehee =) Ciao!  

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