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Friendship is when you find someone who says, Oh shit! You like that too??

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All of them started on a whim to just share how I felt about something that I liked a lot and nobody else was talking about:

Three of my most successful groups have been interest graphs

Facebook: Penguin Gummy Tummies (143 members) Facebook: Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Bar (40 people) LinkedIn: GPGPU Professionals (394 members)

You know, I've never even heard of any of those three Facebook groups, and it still makes me wonder, Is the interest graph social?

Right now everyone on has a single common interest: 106 Miles.

But through conversations we're revealing a lot more interests than just 106 Miles.

I think the interest graph post was my inspiration for posting it. How's that for circling the square? What else do 106 milers like? Superheroes, sushi and mixed drinks! ;-)

Strangely enough, yes, and all three of those interests come together on Friday, August 12 in Los Angeles:

I'm driving down from the Bay area tomorrow morning and hope to see you there!