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The Facebook Home announcement was nothing short of a big Android advertisement. ~Anton Wahlman

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Anton Wahlman writes:

In the end, Facebook's "phone" announcement has little impact on Facebook itself. The key takeaway is that Facebook just made the greatest endorsement of Android imaginable, while basically relegating AppleMicrosoft, and BlackBerry to second-class citizens.

Facebook's huge endorsement of Android is a symptom of a larger industry trend, with Android's relative openness winning over Apple's more restrictive iOS. This is the kind of trend that is not swiftly or easily reversible.

We may look back at April 2013 as the moment in time when Facebook helped make Android the permanent market leader.

Amazon, Facebook, and Samsung have all done as much to make Android important as Google has.

I can foresee a future where Android has 90%+ market share worldwide, Apple has a solid 5%, and everyone else fights for scraps.