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Survivor Caramoan week 9 - Best move ever

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Joan Morris points out how incredibly complex this season has gotten:

And so the lying begins. Andrea tells Malcolm they are splitting the vote, four for Eddie and four for Reynold, and if there is a tie, they all vote for Reynold. Malcolm says OK, then talks to Dawn, who says she'll vote with him to get rid of Andrea if he can show her Reynold's hidden immunity idol. Reynold says fine and shows it to Dawn.

Dawn is sticking with her alliance, but she is none too happy when Reynold threatens her that there will be hell to pay if she goes back on her word. Dawn proclaims him a bully.

Eddie goes to Andrea and asks if they are splitting the vote for Reynold and him, because if they are, then he will go home. Andrea says Eddie doesn't need to worry, but she won't tell him who they are voting for, but oh hey, it's not Malcolm. Trust her, she says. Eddie says it's hard and hints that they may be voting for her.

That news freaks Andrea who immediately decides she is doomed and they need to change the vote for Michael. Dawn is in tears and says everything she did that day will be for nothing. She promises Andrea that Malcolm doesn't have the idol, and this is their best chance to get rid of Malcolm. Andrea, who is a bit calmer, says she could change the plan, maybe.

Tribal council

We go to council not knowing what's going to happen, but Phillip reveals that the organization he founded when he first played has been busy and has used a spy, Sherri, to give them information. He also does a lot of talking about people who think they are making big moves are going to be in for a rude awaking. If Malcolm is listening, he should be planning to play his idol. But is he? Will he? It's time to vote.

Probst calls for a hidden idols to be played and Reynold stands up to use his when Malcolm tells him to wait up. That whole discussion about players who think they are making a big move but aren't, was about him, Malcolm says. They have all voted for him and Reynold needs to give the idol to Malcolm instead, which Reynold totally does. Malcolm is brilliant. He guarantees he stays in the game and doesn't have to use his own idol, plus no will suspect now that he has one.

It would have been a better ending if Andrea's flip-flopping had flipped back, but it didn't. Malcolm votes for Reynold, while Reynold, Michael and Eddie vote for Andrea. Everyone else votes for Michael, who becomes the first member of the jury.

My head is spinning.

my wife and I hate Dawn.  Where does she see herself in any endgame?

She thinks she's final four with Philip, Andrea, and Cochran.

But yeah, she can't win. No jury will vote for her.

exactly.  If you make it to final ten, how are you not estimating votes already?  ie Cochran goes along with the "brotimes" to not rock any of the athletes

I find Cochran's contempt for the other players unsettling. I hope he gets blindsided.

It really is amazing Philip's shctick hasn't grated on the group yet, too.

this may come down to the necessity for Malcolm to win back to back to back to back (ie Troyzan) immunity challenges to remain in the game.  

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