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Visual Specialization and Brain Evolution in Primates, RA Barton 1998

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I wonder how this helps understand what makes the human brain special.

brrro: size matters!

Your questions is a valid one, considering the known limit of homo sapien brain utilization - that sheer size is different from % of use.  That being said: a larger total set means even the small % increases proportionally.  This graphic does not identify the % of utilization in the other brains, which would be the one metric that would confirm superiority.

Without that data, I still think that if you look at the growth of the specific regions of the brain and therefore what they govern, you can infer the superiority of homo sapien.  

but yo, 3D printing for biology is that next shit!  

btw, I HATE HAVING TO GO INTO HTML JUST TO PUT IN <p>, due to PW putting all my text into one block, even after carefully choosing breaks in the comment (which can sometimes be long).  just saying... 

It's a tool we're using called HTMLPurifier.

Frustrating to me too.

We will probably remove it in the future but right now we're fixing other bugs.

That's a really good point about percent utilization of the brain.

And 3-d printing for biology? Yes please!

i feel like everyone having their own infographics! stash can be redundant (though obviously everyone should be allowed their own stash, based on their own mental associations of things).  sometimes i just want to stash to your stash or something because you've already established it, and I feel I wouldn't be skewing the stash too far from what you're already doing.  

how complicated is it to make "group stash/pin/boards", technically speaking?  what does that entail?

It's not that complicated, we just need to build it. It's on our roadmap of improvements.

In the meantime, you can just pass me a link using the messaging feature and I can stash it.

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