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How government regulation killed the Augusta pimento cheese sandwich

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Insightful anecdote about stubborn Southerners trying to adapt to a world of petty regulations.  "I am fine with adding the female members, and I am tolerating the belly putters," fan Paul Jones said, "but changing the pimento cheese recipe is taking change too damn far."


Only this time, there is no frozen sample. The concessions committee can't reverse-engineer the sandwiches. The club has a virtually unlimited supply of money, and access to the best chefs in the world, and they can't re-create the Wife Saver. The spice that people noticed this year -- if I had to guess -- was the chef's attempt to find the missing ingredient.

And so here we are.

There's nothing better than Popeye's equal black pepper and red pepper batter fried chicken with some biscuits to soak up the grease. Mmmmm! Talk about a perfect recipe....

If I ever had to have a last's better than communion.  (sacrilege!)

It's amazing how many recipes in the south depend on secret ingredients that make them so special.

I have been to the masters 3 times and the pimento is definitely one of my favorites.  Sad story

Really sad story! I've never had the opportunity to try it and now I never will...

I just talked to my cousin who is there.  He said they are still good.

Even without the pimento?

He didn't say but I assume it still has some kind of peppers...just missing the combination of this is making me hungry

Me too! It might even have the combination of peppers -- and just be missing the secret ingredient.

Great article on how to make your own pimento cheese at home.