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Pinterest is for fun, Clipboard is for getting things done.

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Another day, another pinboard-based startup.

This time it's Clipboard, an Andressen Horowitz backed company that has arrogantly already acquired two other companies so it can perfect its platform for "getting things done" so it can compete with Evernote:

People’s preferred method for finding and saving information from the web hasn’t evolved much over the years, Flake believes. However, he adds that we’re now seeing the emergence of a new type of service for saving items. This is where things like Evernote or Pinterest come into play. Some of these (like Pinterest) are so simple that they’re more about expression, while others (like Evernote) are “almost accidentally social,” Flake explains. Clipboard is aiming for a sweet spot by being simple, social and functional all in one.

Yawn. What's good is not original, and what is original is not good.

It's just so not fun.

Plus, I'm truly sick of the pinboard design layout.

Which means its just about time for Facebook to steal it for the Timeline redesign.



Clipboard's motto is Select. Collect. Reflect.

Clipboard didn't know most of its investors prior to raising their fundraising round, according to this.

Investors bought into Clipboard because "it came down to the idea" when they saw it:

Since the Web is over 20 years old, doesn't it seem strange that the state-of-the-art for saving something from the Web has been to copy and paste it into an email? We think so, which is why we wanted to build something both simple and powerful to address this common need.

They say that they're unlike Pinterest because Pinterest is for aspirational self-expression and they are a utility.

Is that why the above example has boards like "Hair" and "Recipes"?

I think they're wrong. They're just like Pinterest. Only less fun.

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