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Jenna Marbles, the Woman With 1 Billion Clicks

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The future of entertainment is changing.  A one person variety show is now possible because of YouTube. 1 Billion Views and counting.  Wow

I remember not long ago when Lady Gaga was the first person with a billion views of all her videos.

Then, a few months ago, Psy became the first person with a billion views of ONE video.

Jenna Marbles is even more interesting because she's not a singing and dancing superstar.

She's a fairly normal person that a lot of people like to watch.

And YouTube is now mature enough that she can make a very good living with her show.


Yup.  One of the things I've been particularly excited about is two of our incubator companies, and are teaming up.    Relevance's proposition is that video content owners by hosting their content on and retaining the monetization rights of their own videos, they should be able to earn double digit CPM's on certain topics.  People that upload their content to Google and Youtube are dependent on Google handling that entire process, and trusting Google to provide the monetization.    Really, people that get a Billion eyeballs should be able to make more than a couple hundred thousand dollars. 


Psy made $8 million for his billion views of "Gangnam Style":

Can we not expect that Jenna Marbles made the same from her 1 billion video views?

""" the video is generating on average 0.65 cents every time someone plays the video. The creator of a YouTube video keeps about half of that money, which suggests Psy and his record company have earned about $4 million from YouTube."""

That is pretty amazing, actually.  I was thinking it was usually about a tenth of that.  That being said, music can get monetized via cross promoting purchases to iTunes and Amazon mp3 stores.   

 I cant imagine low volume videos getting $0.65 a view, however.  Anyone else have revenue numbers for low volume video views?

This Quora page claims $3300 per million views...

...which is similar to that payout to Psy we cited.

True.  It's only $3.3 CPM, however.  Not terrible.  Not great.  Better than most display advertising. 

Reminds me of Frank Ze...but then he started a company and was acquired, right?

Looks like is still independent:

But Ze Frank is now video EVP at BuzzFeed:

Jonathan, some sites like Forbes and Golf Digest can command higher than $3.30 premiums for display advertising but it's rare. More common is Google (DoubleClick) and Yahoo remnant inventory which pays them under 5 cents CPMs.

Good acquihire. No wonder BuzzFeed videos are so good.

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