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Social Travel Anti-buddies

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I grew up in Fullerton, CA. I always thought it was interesting that our sister cities were Yong Chon South Korea, Yongin South Korea, Fukui Japan, and Morelia Mexico. In face I didn't know anything about sister cities until I visited Morelia and found out completely by surprise.

It got me thinking about travel bucket lists. There's some list of cities I'd like to visit, but chances are I never will. I was also looking at some of the mashable social sites on

Looking at 43places, I was wondering if you can't do it yourself, what would the minimum number of people you would need to know such that your combined visit list covered your bucket list. For instance I would have a social travel anti-buddy where that person went to all the places on my bucketlist that I hadn't been to. I wouldn't even necessarily know that person, but I'd have an interest connection to anyone who would fit that criteria.

It would be interesting to see how narrow you would be to get the closest match solution. So for me, I'd been to Fullerton and Morelia, some other random person had been in Yon Chon, Yongin, and Fukui. If you could find an exact match, then for that bucketlist, that person would be my social travel anti-buddy. :-)

You could even see how fast you could achieve your bucket list with the help of other like anti-travelers.

You're heading down the slippery slope of paying other people to have experiences for you. :)

Some Battlefield3 and World of Warcraft players already pay for experience, so why not successfully transition that into the real world? There's lots of examples of offline activities being the basis for successful online apps, why not the other way?

Besides, between kids, marriage, jobs, etc. who has time for new experiences?

We all live in different worlds anyways. Heck, they even make tvs now where two different people staring at the same exact screen can be watching two completely separate tv shows.

At that point why not just make Google Earth an Xbox game, and you can go anywhere in the world without leaving the comfort of your couch? :)

Gamification is so 2011. ;-)

That's true.

So what's 2012?

And more importantly, what's 2013?

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