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How Apple lost its cool (and how it can win it back)

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If you have to tell someone you’re cool, or your product is cool, you aren’t, and it isn’t. Right now, Apple has to tell people it and its products are cool.

What happened? Samsung did to Apple what Apple did to Microsoft, skewering its devoted users and reputation, only better. The irony here is that Apple recently accused Samsung of copying its phone and tablet, but it missed the real threat. What Apple should have been concerned with is that Samsung copied its strategy against Microsoft, improved on it, funded it better and turned it against its creator.

It's the 1-2-3 punch of Samsung Galaxy devices, Google Nexus devices, and now Motorola Droid devices that are doing the speaking for Android.

The big question I have is, how did Samsung do this so easily?

They seemingly came from out of nowhere to do this.

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