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Patton Oswalt Star Wars rant

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Mark Lisanti cracks me up:

Please stop what you are doing and watch, in slack-jawed amazement and delight, as Patton Oswalt filibusters a Pawnee City Council vote with his fevered ideas for Star Wars: Episode VII in this very extended outtake from tomorrow night's Parks and Recreation double bill. What follows is eight minutes of improvisational wizardry that ends only when Oswalt nearly dies of dry mouth, having heroically reached the extreme limits of nerd-endurance by liquefying the minds of Star Wars purists with the taboo-obliterating suggestion of a grand merger with the Marvel universe.

Guys! This needs to go with massive SPOILER ALERT warning. It's absolutely not cool to publish to people, who are waiting for the new Star Wars movie to come out.


Sergey -- haha. Patton's rant is certainly NOT anything that's going into the new Star Wars!

Jared, it's just hilarious to me how long Patton goes on and on about this.

Well, I still hope they will take a hint and bring top tier superheros from Marvell universe.

Can you imagine if superheroes had access to lightsabers???

avengers lightsaber

Doobies no longer lead to Twinkies because hostess went bankrupt. Waaaa!

Woody Harrelson Twinkie crying gif

@Adam, my really was referring to the spoiler comment from @Sergey.  I too found this to be a great moment in improv.  It was meant to be funny.  I failed.

Oh! Sergey was joking, too. He's cool like that.

I know!  I fail.

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