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57% of the world's population lives under some autocratic regime. ~Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen: The Dark Side of the Digital Revolution

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Fifty-seven percent of the world's population still lives under some sort of autocratic regime. In the span of a decade, the world's autocracies will go from having a minority of their citizens online to a majority. From Tehran to Beijing, autocrats are building the technology and training the personnel to suppress democratic dissent, often with the help of Western companies."

The Internet is far from an unalloyed good to the citizens of dictatorships around the world.

We still have a long way to go.

Specifically, regarding North Korea:

Cellphones are now more common in North Korea since the government decided to allow one million citizens to have them; and in parts of the country near the border, the Internet is sometimes within reach as citizens can sometimes catch a signal from China. None of this will transform the country overnight, but one thing is certain: Though it is possible to curb and monitor technology, once it is available, even the most repressive regimes are unable to put it back in the box.