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This Is What Crazy Looks Like Via Text Messaging

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Beyond overly attached!

Fatal Attraction in texts.

Is there an "etiquette of texting" website anywhere?

sounds like a new stash

Well, I have a texting stash, but that has as many bad examples as good ones!

At first I thought it was hilarious, and then I started to get inside her head.  It was a very, very sad place. No matter what her method (face-to-face, calling, texting), she sounds as if she suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and depression.  I'd stash this under "psychology." 

so what you are saying is crazy...

Good point!  But I steer clear of that word for fear it will boomerang.  :-)

What makes her sad is that she's not the only one who thinks this way.

Does our society create such obsessive compulsive -- and depressive! -- behavior?

yes...and a symptom of it is then the pet-is-human trend that continues to grow.

Would you mind elaborating on that, Jared?

When I read back thru the texts, it reminded me of the saying "women give sex to get love and men give love to get sex."  It seemed there were some mixed signals, to say the least, between these two.

Does our society create such obsessive compulsive -- and depressive! -- behavior? -> Yes, I believe it does.  If someone is lonely in life, then they are more likely to offer behavior like the lady above? yes? men do the same behavior too.  It seems like people who have tended toward less wholesome/loving relationships (see Grant piece) seek that level of love from a pet. Pets have always been loved, but there seems to be a trend for people to treat their pets more and more like an actual person because they put so much of their love into it as opposed to others. Just an idea I have been toying with as I look around...

I love all manner of species and I am unashamed.

That one sentence could screw me out of my dream job.

I think there is a difference between love and treating a pet like a human. 

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