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Tips for joining the Golden State Warriors playoff bandwagon

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OK casual fans... it's time for you to do your thing.  Here are some tips so you don't look like utter feebs.  Go Dubs!


But now that the Warriors are good — 47 wins this season and currently tied with Denver 1-1 in the first round of the playoffs — I don’t feel especially critical of bandwagon jumpers. Sure, I’ve been throwing good money after bad with this team for most of the last two decades. But it’s been such a dark journey, it’s refreshing to see other people care about this team. Imagine spending your entire adulthood on a deserted island, and suddenly another boat capsizes. So great to see new people! Can I offer you a coconut?

Why this is a big deal:

Q. Why is everyone so excited? It’s just Game 3 of the first round? True we’re only three games into a postseason where more than 50 percent of the NBA teams made the playoffs. But in the same way that your dollar goes way further in an economically depressed country, years of putrid output have devalued the Warriors fan expectations. By the Warriors exchange rate, the first round upset over the Dallas Mavericks in 2007 during the “We Believe” season was approximately equivalent emotionally to a 49ers Super Bowl win. So this is a big deal.

We're elite!

Q: I noticed Mark Jackson speaks quite highly of his players. Jackson is actually very loose and honest when he does radio and print interviews on off days. But after a game he speaks in constant hyperbole, and you can trust nothing he says. It’s like he’s completing Mad Libs, and the only adjective he knows is “Elite.” Andris Biedrins is an “elite post defender.” Stephen Curry is an “elite defender.” The Warriors snack bar sells an “elite” Chinese chicken salad. (I made up the last one. But the Andris Biedrins one is real.)

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