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At Ballard’s Hot Cakes, spiked floats and boozy shakes | Restaurants | The Seattle Times

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Laphroig milkshake sounds good to me...

It really does and damn you.

Those smoky sweet things get you every time.  Kind of like Trader Joe's dark chocolate carmel bar with smoky black sea salt.  Love that stuff.

Yep - the yin yang of a savory/smoky sweet assault.  I fold every time.

Honey mustard?

Not a big honey fan, but mustards are a good class of condiments.  Speaking of which, my seven favorite types of mashed potatoes:

1) Wasabi mashed potatoes

2) Horseradish mashed potatoes

3) Garlic mashed potatoes

4) Mustard and paprika mashed potatoes

5) Ginger mashed potatoes

6) Saffron mashed potatoes

7) Smoky cheese mashed potatoes

That would be one, I suppose, with a bland complement, like pork.

Feta spread with mango chutney on pumpernickel is pretty awesome, too.

It's lunchtime on the east coast, in case anyone's wondering. 

Using sweet/savory for meat sounds more appealing than using it for starch.

And fish.  Last time I was in Seattle I had salmon served with a thin strawberry glaze.  It was fn amazing.

Seattle has good seafood?  Whodda thunk?

Never heard of salmon-with-strawberry. Will have to look for that.

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