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The Second-Screen Behaviour

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In fact, nearly one in three (31%) younger consumers – aged 16-34 – have searched for products to buy while watching TV, compared to one in five (21%) of older internet users (aged 35-64).

In fact, the younger generation is more prone to research online while watching TV whereas the older generation tends to buy online. Eighty-six per cent of internet users aged 35-64 who have searched for products to buy while watching TV have continued to purchase during the last month.

The older generation it appears is happy not just increasingly happy to second screen but is also comfortable with using this time as a retail opportunity.

With the growing ownership of multiple devices, we expect to see an increase of time that consumers spent online as well as in the intensity of the second screen consumption. The simultaneous usage of multiple devices will also transform the entire shopping experience by gradually shifting the research and purchasing activities from the offline to the online sphere of our lives.

"Watching" TV while playing on a second screen seems like the wrong word.

They're listening to TV not watching it.

I dont know about that.  It is just as likely we interrupt our TV viewing with bouts of whatever else we're doing on a second screen.  Or vice versa.

Some shows like "The Walking Dead" have a "second screen experience" that complements the first screen.

They are exploiting (in a good way) an existing tendency, and I think we'll see much more second screen programming very soon.  Why do you think Apple and Amazon are looking to TV?

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