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Deep Inside Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Taco

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I know you have asked yourself, "What freakin' GENIUS invented the Doritos Locos taco?!?!?"  READ AND LEARN HERE.


It's not just junk food science; IT'S AN ENTIRE JUNK FOOD PLATFORM:

The team soon assembled for an all-day ideation session at Taco Bell headquarters, where 30 different product concepts were considered, Purdue says, including new forms of burritos, nachos, and taquitos.

But one idea, from Doritos-maker Frito-Lay, stuck out: a Doritos-based taco shell pocketed with Taco Bell ingredients. "It was basically an image [of this taco] on a piece of paper, with a written description. I don't know what technology they use. We didn't even taste it; it was just more of, 'Hey, this is what it could look like,'" Purdue says. "It was like, 'Holy crap!' Nobody had ever done this before: turning a Dorito into a taco shell. It was just mind-blowing at the idea stage."

Steve Gomez, Taco Bell's food innovation expert, recalls seeing the first mock-up. "Every day I see a lot of concepts--sketches on paper, written words about products--and my job is to turn those products into reality," he says. "But in all my years as a product developer, I've never seen a concept like this. The product didn't even exist yet, and already people knew this idea was going to be huge."


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There are some ideas so TRUE and MINDBLOWING that they simply cannot be DENIED.  Clearly this falls into that category.

I've never had one, but my kids know what they are and it's brilliant. 

Have your kids tried it yet?

Another choice quote, "We had to hire about 15,000 people last year--two to three per restaurant--in order to handle the sales growth and demand of the Doritos Locos Tacos business..."

Product/Market Fit.

People love the product, it's true. Very much what their core audience wants.

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