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Joe Dempsie plays Gendry on Game of Thrones

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Need more resolution!

Kit Harrington has competition for cutest illegitimate offspring: Joe Dempsie (Gendry) - Imgur

Even higher-resolution version 1,130 kB (3,156 x 2,100) 2,330%

He's so cut these days, I barely recognize him anymore...

Arya and Gendry - Imgur

Gendry game of thrones gif

For the Ladies of Imgur, Joe Dempsie in Game of Thrones - Imgur

Recently started watching Game of Thrones, Gendry (Joe Dempsie) is now my favorite - Imgur

Is Gendry always dirty?!?

Gendry abs gif dirty hot Joe Dempsie Game of Thrones Imgur

He cleans up nicely, too.

Joe Dempsie gendry

Ladies of Reddit approve.


Joe Dempsie

Joe Dempsie

Joe Dempsie

Joe Dempsie Gendry game of thrones

Joe Dempsie Gendry What 'Game Of Thrones' Star Look Like In Real Life (PHOTOS)

I only know this kid from an episode of Doctor Who.... But with all the Brit actors on GoT,  you'd think they'd manage to shim Nigel Terry in there.... 

There are still lots of new characters coming so it's entirely possible they'll cast him.

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