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World population: There are more people living in this circle than outside it.


World population - there are more people living inside this circle than outside of it

The area is bigger than it looks:

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Histogram of world population by Lat and Lon:

World population by latitude and longitude

So half the population of the Earth is susceptible to an evil Bond-esque bio-warfare scheme during the monsoon season?

Sort of. China isn't as susceptible to monsoon season, right?

iirc, southern China is....

so it would really only take a few hundred drones laden with some super-SARS wipe out half of humanity.....  yes i'm a geek.. i think of things like this...

Yes, it would not take much. Conversely, it wouldn't take much to sink our banking system.

The World hangs in a delicate balance.


Xkcd 977 is on map projections:

xkcd: Map Projections

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