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15 bizarre green inventions | MNN - Mother Nature Network

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My favorite is the blood lamp:

"When designer Mike Thomspon asked himself, “What if power came at a cost to the individual?” he ended up creating the blood lamp as a statement on energy conservation. This single-use lamp requires a drop of blood to be activated — a personal sacrifice that will really make you think twice before turning on the lights. The lamp’s secret ingredient is luminol, the chemical forensic scientists use to check for blood, which glows blue when it reacts with the iron in red blood cells."

15 bizarre green inventions: Blood lamp | MNN - Mother Nature Network

These aren't inventions... They're art pieces.... mostly.  Unless I can go out and buy one, it's friggin vapor...

Proofs on concept, but yeah, not designed for purchase.

I was recently burned by this bit of theoretical awesomeness:

Except you can't buy them... they never existed in production.. Utilizing my italian-speaking coworker, even called the company to try to buy them... nada.  They didn't even have a first-run lying around.

So now i'm hostile to any of these PoC stories......

I see you point. As for me, all I need are potatoes:

All you need are potatoes and loneliness