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'The Great Gatsby' Review: How Many Flappers Make a Flop? | The Wrap Movies

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Wow, I don't understand the point of the review at all. It's clear they didn't grok the book nor ever read it.

Distracted by trinkets: that was the whole point of the Great Gatsby. He lived in a world where people scanning the room for the size of their diamonds or the *appearance* of success was far more important than actual success (dot com bubble and IPOs anyone?).  Much like the "Anything Goes"[1]  celebrity era of confusing worth with fame, aka celebutante-ism, where criminals had as much social standing as others who had actually accomplished something, I think the book captures the era quite well.  I have yet to see the movie, only the movie reviews.  But overwhelming small minds with flashy baubles is one of the key messages in the book.  It's no surprise that the small minds of review would write about shiny things and not the core message.


Yeah, if anything this movie seems more true to the book than any previous attempt.

Ain't no party like a gatsby party

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