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Ginobili's go-ahead 3 pointer with 1.2 seconds left in 2OT in Game 1 of Spurs-Warriors Playoffs 2013.

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Redditor lightningman explains what's happening here: "Kenny explained it really well on Inside the NBA. Basically, Diaw set a screen for Parker but he slipped it and cut towards the rim. Since Mark Jackson told the Dubs to switch on all screens, Jack ran to cover Parker, but Barnes thought that since he had never been screened he still had to cover Parker. Bazemore ran down to the basket to cover the cutting Diaw and Ginobili was left wide open."

An otherwise great effort by the Warriors, who have not won in San Antonio since Feb 14, 1997. 30 games ago.

Steph Curry had 44 points and 11 dimes. Wow. The real problem was Klay Thompson fouled out, breaking open the Warriors' D.

Where's the gif of Curry not passing to a wide-open 3 with 2s left? I think that killed the momentum... 

Can we draft this guy? I hear he's a free agent...

We should definitely draft that otter! Warriors need another player besides Bogut who can dunk!

I haven't been able to find that Steph Curry gif either.

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